Hytrans® for firefighting – unlimited water supply

When fighting large urban fires, forest fires or wildfires fire fighters will need large amounts of water to protect homes and commercial properties. In many cases the surface water needed to support firefighting is readily available, but is not accessible by fire trucks due to rough terrain, excessive lifts and other obstructions commonly found in an urban environment.


Difficult circumstances

Hytrans® offers the solution for unlimited water supply in difficult circumstances. Hytrans® specializes in powerful mobile pump systems providing fast access to open water sources, such as rivers, lakes, channels, harbors and the open sea. Hytrans® Fire System (HFS®) pump systems have unique features that conventional pump systems cannot compete with.


Hydraulic power

Hytrans® mobile pump systems are particularly well suited for firefighting operations. With hydraulically-driven submersible pumps they provide fast access to open water, even if it is kilometers away. Hydraulic power ensures higher pump power without capacity loss over long distances.


Hytrans® provides firefighters with the continuous, high-volume water supplies they need in fighting urban fires, forest fires and wildfires.

Why Hytrans® mobile fire systems?


Access to open water in difficult circumstances is vital

Firefighters need fast access to surface water to effectively fight large urban fires, forest fires or wildfires. In case of widespread fires an unlimited water supply is vital to success and can be readily provided using a Hytrans® system.
Hytrans®’ pump systems are very effective in reaching water sources that cannot be effectively accessed by traditional fire apparatus and portable pumps. When a Hytrans® HydroSub® is utilized any water source within approximately 60 meters, horizontally or vertically, of the power unit becomes available for firefighting. Even at high pumping heights the HydroSub® provides enough pressure to transport the water over long hose lays. In addition, HydroSub® units and Autoboosts, in combination with large diameter hoses, can be used in series (relay pumping) allowing fire fighters to quickly supply water to fire trucks and monitors located several kilometers from the water source.

HFS® typical setup for attacking large urban fires or wildfires

With Hytrans®’ product range you can quickly set up a temporary above-ground hydrant network to effectively fight large fires:

  • One or more HydroSub® units, which consist of one or more hydraulically-driven submersible floating pumps capable of operating at pump lifts up to 60 meters without capacity loss.
  • Hytrans® utilizes the best hose available with minimum elongation (< 1,5%). This helps to prevent so called ‘snaking’ (sudden hose movement as they are pressurized). 
  • Manifolds, appliances and other fittings to divert water to several monitors or fire trucks. 
  • A built-in or standalone foam proportioning system (Hytrans® PowerFoam) to attack full surface tank fires. 
  • Hytrans® Hose Layer container(s) that allow high speed hose deployment up to 40 km/h. Containerized units allow flexibility and transportation by the same truck.
  • Hytrans® Hose Recovery Units, powered by the truck’s hydraulics (no separate hydraulic power pack needed). Hytrans®’ latest system (AutoFlaker) not only lifts and drains the hose, it also flakes it into the hose container allowing the hose to be flat packed with no one in the container.


Do you want to give fire brigades and departments a better chance to fight large fires?

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