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Hytrans® Systems was founded in 1964. First mainly active as a service company for several machinery but already focusing on diesel driven and hydraulically operated machines.

Since the early eighties, an innovative and revolutionary pump system was developed by Hytrans now known in the market under the trademark name HydroSub®, using diesel engine and hydraulically driven submersible floating pumps. From that time till now Hytrans® developed complete mobile pumping systems worldwide known as the Hytrans Fire System (HFS®).

 HFS® features a large range of HydroSub® units, HoselayerContainers, Hose Recovery Units, Hoses, connection hardware and all necessary parts to create an emergency mobile water supply network. These containerized systems are designed to be deployed in minutes with a minimum of manpower, pumping water continuously over several kilometers even in extreme conditions.


Nowadays the  approximately 50 employees at Hytrans® Systems are working full time to ensure the highest possible quality, using the latest technology and increase the already very high capacity and reliability, and to keep this as a standard for our products. It is therefore that HFS® is worldwide market leader in mobile water transport.


Hytrans® Fire System (HFS®) – hydraulic power

Hytrans revolves around HFS®: an innovative and powerful, high-end mobile water supply system for fire brigades, civil defense, emergency services and industries all over the world.


Hytrans® offers a wide range of HFS® mobile pump systems featuring hydraulically-driven submersible pumps. These pumps have up to 60 meters of hydraulic hoses allowing access to open water in terrain that is inaccessible to traditional pumps due to steep inclines, soft or muddy surfaces, and other obstructions such as trees, rocks, guard rails and fences. The use of hydraulic power allows for unprecedented pumping power enabling pump lifts of up to 60 meters vertically at full rated pumping capacity. HFS® pump systems transcend the capabilities of conventional suction pump systems by far. Conventional pumps are limited to 8-meter pump lift and lose considerable pump capacity as the lift increases.


Mobility and flexibility

HFS® products offer extraordinary mobility and flexibility. An HFS® mobile water supply system spanning a distance of 1,000 meters can provide 3,000 lpm and be fully operational in only 15 minutes! In addition, this equipment requires only a few persons to deploy, set up and monitor the system. The HFS® provides all of the equipment necessary for firefighting, cooling and dewatering: submersible pump systems, boost pump units, high-end hoses, water distribution manifolds, appliances and fittings, patented hose ramps, hose layer containers and hose recovery units.


HFS® systems are available in a variety of configurations to maximize portability including container, trailer and truck mounting. HFS® specializes in container mounted systems which allow multiple units to be transported by the same truck to maximize flexibility and reduce costs. Hytrans® can supply and outfit trucks, hook lift systems, trailers and mobile fire water/foam monitors.


Proven effectiveness worldwide

Since 1988 Hytrans® has delivered over 1000 mobile pump systems to fire brigades, emergency services, authorities and industries all over the globe. They have been used during minor and large-scale incidents saving many lives, livelihoods and property.


Engineering and innovation

Hytrans® engineering department constantly evaluates user feedback and researches new technologies to provide new products and improve existing products. This ensures HFS® users benefit from cutting edge improvements that provide: more power, less weight, higher efficiency, cleaner emissions, ease of operation and increased reliability.

A perfect example of this is Hytrans®' hose products that have been designed to operate with minimal elongation under pressure (< 1,5%), which prevents so called 'snaking' (sudden hose movement as they are pressurized). Hytrans®' hose products are accompanied by low-weight hardware that has been specially designed to be deployed with minimal manpower and effort.


High-end manufacturing and service

Hytrans®' main goal is to provide HFS® owners with reliable, high-quality mobile water supply systems. That's why only the best and most committed engineers, mechanics and quality inspectors work on the Hytrans' high-end production line in Lemmer, Friesland. It's also why Hytrans only works with the best partners for supplying HFS®' components.

High-end, modern manufacturing and quality control processes assure that all HFS® units and systems that leave the facility will provide HFS® owners with the best and most reliable equipment in the industry.

Service and maintenance are provided by a worldwide network of dealers with Hytrans® trained technicians to ensure system owners the best possible service to keep their systems operational at all times.

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