Units up to 50000 ltr/min. No draft problem. Operational within 15 minutes.

Hytrans® Systems

Since 1988 Hytrans® Systems develops and manufactures hydraulically-driven, mobile pump systems offering high-flow capacities and high-operating pressure that enable fire fighters and authorities to:

  • Extinguish large fires effectively
  • Remove and control nuisance and hazardous waste water
  • Alleviate flooding
Hytrans will be exhibiting at the InterSchutz trade fair this year!   INTERSCHUTZ 2022 is dedicated to the connected world of safety, protection and rescue. Connected by innovative digital technologies and by networks of collaboration ...
NO DRAFT! because of hydraulically driven ...
The submersible pump is linked to the powerpack by means of 60 meter long hydraulic hoses allowing access to any water within 60 meter distance from the powerpack either horizontal or vertical. Not like a standard fire truck or draft pump that has ...
Custom FloodModule in action!
Take a look at this awesome video showing a custom build Hytrans® FloodModule in action. And this unit is even more special because it features our new low weight FloodPumps. The unit was deployed to lower the water level inside the harbor canal ...


There's no better mobile pump system!

Hytrans® products