Hytrans for industrial safety – when every second counts

An industrial (oil or petrochemical) fire, leak or other incident can turn into a major disaster. Safety protocols should prevent incidents and minimize consequences as much as possible. In case of an accident, every second counts. The mobile pump systems of Hytrans Fire System (HFS) can help you gain precious time, giving people in the vicinity a better chance to evacuate.


Hytrans specializes in hydraulically-driven, mobile pump systems for supplying water from open water sources to fires. Even under extreme conditions and over long distances Hytrans pump systems are able to deliver the water needed to extinguish industrial fires and cool exposed structures.


Hytrans gives fire brigades a better chance to fight industrial fires and save lives.

Fast access to large quantities of surface water is vital

Fire brigades need fast access to open water sources to effectively contain and extinguish large industrial fires. In these extreme cases a fixed hydrant system might not be sufficient and may have been damaged by the event itself. That's why industrial brigades need back up mobile pump systems that can provide fast access to surface water that is sometimes kilometers away.

Hytrans has developed a line of high-flow capacity and high-pressure mobile pump systems offering fire brigades the essential tools for pumping water from rivers, lakes, channels, harbors and the open sea. In addition, Hytrans systems include the large diameter hoses, appliances and fittings needed to transport the water over long distances. Hytrans systems incorporate numerous features that allow them to be set up in a very short time with a minimum of manpower, even if the water source is thousands of meter away.


Why Hytrans mobile fire systems?

Hytrans typical setup for attacking an industrial fire

A typical Hytrans mobile pump system for attacking large industrial fires consists of:


Do you want to give fire brigades and departments a better chance to fight industrial fires?

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