Hytrans® for Flooding – powerful mobile draining systems


Flood relief

One can never underestimate the power of water, especially in areas around rivers, river deltas and in areas that are facing deforestation and urbanization (leaving less room for safe water drainage).


Pumping power

Are you responsible for safety in your area? Do you know whether your area is protected enough against flooding? Are you able to cope with the aftermath of a flooding? Although dikes, dams and barriers sometimes lose the battle against the power of water, enough pumping capacity and pumping power can save lives and livelihoods. High-capacity pump systems can even relieve pressure from dikes, dams and barriers to prevent breach and flooding.


Against the power of water Hytrans® has put the power of hydraulically-driven mobile pump systems. They enable emergency services to quickly drain excessive water away from hazardous situations.


Hytrans® gives authorities and emergency services a better chance to protect lives, livelihoods, homes and businesses from the effects of flooding. 

Pump capacity in difficult circumstances is vital

Why Hytrans® mobile pump systems?


Emergency authorities need dewatering systems that can be readily transported and quickly set up in flooded neighborhoods and areas that are at risk of flooding. In many cases, transferring water from areas that are threatened by high water levels is enough to prevent flooding. No conventional suction pump system can meet the pump capacity, mobility and flexibility of HFS® pump systems.One flood pump system can manage up to 50000 lpm and can be operational within minutes of arrival and be set up with very little manpower. In extreme cases one can deploy more pump systems to increase capacity. These multi-purpose systems can also be applied as high-flow capacity and high-pressure water supplies for firefighting.


Hytrans®’ wide range of pump systems and equipment

Hytrans® offers several products that can be quickly set up to provide high-capacity dewatering systems with minimal manpower to alleviate flooding. These systems include:


Do you also want to give emergency services a better chance to prevent or fight floods?

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