Hytrans® for Nuclear – high-volume water supply


Nuclear emergency

The recent Fukushima disaster reminds us of the risks that accompany nuclear power generation. When things seriously go wrong in a nuclear power plant it's essential that the cooling system for the reactor core stays operational or is supplemented to prevent a radioactive catastrophe. A mobile and diesel-driven pumping system provides a vital backup when everything else fails. By using the Hytrans® mobile water supply system you will be able to pump water from open water sources into the existing reactor cooling system to prevent a meltdown and better control the situation.


Cooling, firefighting and draining

A nuclear disaster poses a radiation poisoning risk to firefighters, emergency workers and other people in the vicinity. This requires mobile water supplies that can be quickly deployed for firefighting, emergency cooling, drainage/runoff control and/or water recycling and set up to minimize radiation exposure.


Hytrans® provides for a continuous high-volume water supply to protect lives from the effects of a nuclear incident.

Why Hytrans® mobile pump systems?


Access to open water and minimal exposure to radiation is vital

Firefighters and emergency authorities need equipment that allows them to access to open water in a manner that minimizes unnecessary radiation exposures and the duration of exposure for those that must enter the hazard area. Hytrans® pump systems, hoses, hose laying and recovery equipment, and water distribution manifolds, appliances and fittings pumps, hose systems help to achieve this as they have been designed to be deployed quickly with a minimum number of people. In addition, Hytrans® offers remote radio control that allows the equipment to be operated from a safe distance.


Hytrans®’ wide range of pump systems and equipment

With several Hytrans® products you can quickly deploy a high-capacity pumping system with minimum manpower to supply large volumes of water to incidents and to move hazardous runoff/waste water to a safe zone:


  • HydroSub® units with integrated boost pumps and 60-meter long hydraulic hoses connecting their submersible pumps. These pumps are capable of operating at 45000 lpm at 12 bar discharge pressure at pump lifts of up to 10-meter.
  • Hytrans® high-end flood hoses which are available in various diameters up to 12” in diameter.
  • An assortment of manifolds, manifold dividers, gate valves, Y-pieces, coupling spanners, pressure meters.
  • Hytrans® patented hose ramps to safely cross roads. 
  • Hytrans® Hose Layer container(s) that allow high speed hose deployment up to 40 km/h. Containerized units allow flexibility and transportation by the same truck.
  • Hytrans® Hose Recovery Units, powered by the truck’s hydraulics (no separate hydraulic power pack needed).
  • Hytrans®’ latest system (AutoFlaker) not only lifts and drains the hose, it also flakes it into the hose container allowing the hose to be flat packed with no one in the container. 


Do you also want to give emergency services a better chance to contain nuclear incidents?

Please contact us for more detailed information.

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