The HydroSub pump consists of a Diesel-Hydraulic Powerpack, powering a portable floating submersed pump. The uniqueness of this pump is the relative ...
The HFS AutoBoost pump has been developed to increase the possible length of a HFS water supply line without adding extra HydroSubs. The units are ...
The PowerFoam is a sophisticated system that provides a very accurate foam dosage over the full range of water/foam mixture and water/foam quantity. ...
The HFS Flood pump is designed for providing flood relief on large scale. In combination with the HydroSub 60 it is possible to reach a capacity up ...
HoseRecoveryUnits (HRU), CombiContainer, DuoContainer, HoseBox and HoseLayer.
HFS offers a wide range of hardware portable water supply equipment such as; Cross dividers, manifold dividers, Y-Pieces, Gate Valves etc. This ...
HoseRamp and SqueezeRamp
The HFS mobile water supply system, long-lasting tests have resulted in a hose specification especially suited for HFS system. Characteristics such ...

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