The Hytrans CombiContainer consists of a fixed installed hoselayer compartment and a storage space for one mini container module. This space can be used to carry a separate hose box or a HydroSub 150 pump unit. The CC is mounted on an A-frame with hook arm facility and is available in two sizes, 5500 and 6500. The 6500 is longer and has therefore on one side more storage capability for PWSE bits and pieces. Because of the extra length the hoselayer is longer and can therefore store much more hose. For example it is possible to store 2000 meter of 6" hose in this hoselayer of the CC6500. The CC5500 can carry 1000 meter of 150 mm (6") hose.


The door of the hoselayer can open 270º and can be mechanically locked. The roof doors are made of anodised aluminium panels and equipped with gas springs for easy opening and functioning as a safety railing when deployed. The stainless steel side panels and the anodised aluminium checker plate floors


Special stainless steel protection plates mounted on strategic positions prevent damage of the paint during hose recovery. Due to the special construction and the use of lightweight materials such as aluminium floors and roof panels, the hose box is easy to handle. The patented HoseBlocs in the hoselayer prevent the hose from shifting during container handling.

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