Only 100 mm or 125 mm high two meters long, resulting in a very small ramp angle, allowing higher drive-over speeds.

Although the traffic circumstances might require slow drive over speeds, during tests with a middle sized car, speeds of up to 50 Km/h have been exercised.

The pressure loss over the full 2,5 meters width of the ramps ads up to 0,2 Bar only!

Because of the compact design, considerably less storage space is required for the hose ramps.


One complete (traffic lane) hose ramp set consists of:



(complete set)

                      6" Ramp              8" Ramp

Length:       2000 mm.            2039 mm.

Width:         2500 mm.            2710 mm.

Height:        100 mm.              125 mm.

Weight:       220 kg.                 248 kg.



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