The HRU AutoFlaker is a highly efficient quick response hose layer and automated hose recovery system, That only needs one person to automatically retrieve hoses up to 300mm / 12" diameter.


The HRU AutoFlaker retrieves and flakes the coupled hoses automatically and efficiently. No manpower is needed inside the container because the retrieval unit goes back and forth as well as left and right to flake the hose.


HRU 200 AutoFlaker

HRU 300 AutoFlaker

The HRU 200 AF handles hoses with a diameter of 4" up to 8" in diameter. This unit is available in combination with the HFS® CombiContainer or with a HFS® HoseLayerContainer. The HRU 300 AF handles hoses with a diameter of 8" up to 12" in diameter. This unit is available in combination with the HFS® CombiContainer or with a HFS® HoseLayerContainer.


Main features

The HFS AutoFlaker can be used in combination with a full size hose compartment or CombiContainers with stainless steel sides for the storage of lay flat fire hose up to 12" in diameter. The containers can be handled by means of a truck with hook arm lift off system and designed for high speed hose deployment (up to 40 km/hr) and a maximum storage of hose length.The special designed containers allows the HRU AutoFlaker to move back and forth and left and right over the container, to flake the coupled hose in the most efficient way. The HRU AutoFlaker is demountable and can be moved from one container to the other. The hose compartments are standard equipped with the patented HoseBloc's to prevent the hose bed from shifting during container handling. The HFS HoseLayer Containers are available in different sizes and can be equipped with maximum 3 compartments. The front storage cabinet is designed to carry the Hose Recovery Unit. 


Power supply

The HFS® AutoFlaker is hydraulically driven by the PTO of the truck with hook arm lift off system. 

It is also possible to mount a diesel driven powerpack in the front cabinet of the container, so the container can operate completely autonomous.



The HFS® AutoFlaker is controlled by a dedicated Hytrans control unit, suitable for severe mobile ambient conditions. By means of a wireless remote control unit, hoseboxes are selected, the unit is prepared for flaking and the automated flaking process is started. After recovery, the flaking unit is stored in the transport position again.



No need to un-couple the hoses.

An extra unique feature is the fact that the HRU is equipped with double pressure rollers, opening up automatically to let couplings come through. This function is controlled by computerized electronic eyes. The HRU recovers any hose up to 300 mm (12 inch), with all standard couplings.

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