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Hytrans Fire System
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Hytrans Traffic System
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Hytrans Systems is active in the development, manufacturing, sales and after sales service of mobile super water supply system and mobile traffic signaling systems world wide.  These products combine advanced hydraulic, electrical and mechanical systems.

From the office at Lemmer, The Netherlands a team of highly skilled engineers, craftsmen and (after) sales ensures that each and every product leaving the factory is unrivalled in quality and performance. The company holds several patents on crucial parts of mobile traffic signaling systems, super water supply systems and the retrieval systems for large diameter hose. Hytrans’ mission is to develop a long standing relationship with its customers to ensure trouble free operation of its products. When Hytrans products are being deployed, in most cases the incident calls for high capacity and durable products that will work, whatever the circumstances and whatever the location.

Hytrans Fire Systems

Hytrans Fire Systems

The mobile water supply system for fire brigades, civil defence and petro-chemical industry

The mobile water supply HFS is an innovative super water supply system for fire brigades, civil defense and industries. The system features mobile large scale water supply over several kilometers from almost impossible access locations, still maintaining large capacities.


Hytrans Traffic Systems

Hytrans Traffic Systems

Mobile Route Information System and Mobile lane Signalling

An innovative road information system to improve road safety and traffic flow on motorways. Safety and traffic flow is increased enormously by overhead signalling. The Systems inform road users clearly about traffic situations by displaying information above the traffic lanes.